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The CWE PTO is working in partnership with the CWE staff to fundraise $48,000 for a LED school sign.

Why do we need a new sign?


Improved Communication: Investing in a LED school sign allows for better communication with parents, students, and the local community. The sign can display important messages, announcements, upcoming events, and school-related news in real-time. This instant and visible communication can help keep parents and the community well-informed about school activities, ensuring active participation and engagement.


Enhanced Advertising of Events: The LED school sign serves as an excellent advertising platform for school events and activities. Whether it's fundraisers, school plays, sports events, or community gatherings, the sign can showcase the details prominently, attracting more attendees and fostering a stronger sense of community involvement.


Technological Advancement: Embracing LED technology represents a forward-thinking approach to communication and showcases the school's commitment to staying up-to-date with modern advancements. This sends a positive message to students, parents, and the community, demonstrating the school's dedication to providing an innovative and dynamic learning environment.


Improved School Appearance: A well-designed and aesthetically pleasing LED sign can significantly enhance the school's overall appearance. The sign acts as a landmark for the school, creating a positive first impression for visitors, prospective students, and parents alike. This can foster a sense of pride and belonging within the school community.


Community Engagement: The LED school sign can serve as a community bulletin board, displaying not only school-related information but also announcements from local organizations, businesses, and government entities. This fosters a sense of collaboration and partnership between the school and the broader community.


Long-term Investment: The LED school sign represents a long-term investment that will continue to benefit the school for years to come. Its durability and energy-efficient properties mean that it will require minimal maintenance and result in cost savings over time.


Reasons to Donate to the CWE PTO:


Support Student Education: Donations to the PTO directly contribute to improving the educational experience of all students. The funds raised will be utilized to enhance learning opportunities, provide additional resources, and support extracurricular activities that enrich students' academic journey.

Strengthen School-Community Bond: By donating to the PTO, community members demonstrate their commitment to the success and well-being of local students. A stronger PTO translates to a more engaged and connected community.


Foster School Pride: Donating to the PTO and contributing to initiatives like the LED school sign project helps foster a sense of pride in the school. Parents, teachers, and students can take pride in being part of a community that invests in creating a positive and conducive learning environment.


Improve School Facilities: The PTO's fundraising efforts not only support educational programs but also contribute to the improvement of school facilities and infrastructure. Upgrading the school's appearance and amenities positively impacts the overall learning experience.


Make a Difference: Donating to the PTO provides individuals with an opportunity to make a direct and tangible impact on the education and well-being of young students. Every contribution, no matter the size, adds up to create positive change.


Engage in School Activities: Active PTO supporters often have opportunities to get involved in school activities, events, and decision-making processes. It fosters a sense of belonging and community engagement that goes beyond financial contributions.


Funding the LED school sign through the PTO's efforts is a worthwhile endeavor that will bring about numerous benefits to the school and its community. By donating to the PTO, individuals can play an essential role in improving communication, advancing technology, and enhancing the overall educational experience for students while creating a stronger and more connected school community.



Previous PTO Projects


LU Interactive System:


In November 2021 our PTO began working in conjunction with CWES Administration, Teachers, and staff to raise money to purchase the Lu Interactive Playground for our school gymnasium. 


During the week of November 1st - 5th, our students worked hard to reach their personal fundraising goals.  Classes and students were able to earn prizes like pajama day and pizza parties!  On November 9th 2021, our students participated in a FUN RUN during their scheduled specials class time.  Every single student received their own CWES FUN RUN t-shirt provided by the PTO.


We reached our fundraising goal of $40,000.00!!!





Shade Pavilion:

Learning Pavilion Ground Breaking March 2020

Ground was broken on the new

Outdoor Learning Pavilion in March of 2021.  


Learning Pavilion Under Constrution


In May of 2021, the Outdoor Learning Pavilion Project with the outstanding project management of Bridgit Motes was completed using the $64,220.00 funds raised by the PTO. 

Thanks to everyone who contributed. 

We are excited to see the students and teachers enjoy their new learning area. 



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